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Meet Gwen

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What do different religions and philosophies believe, and why?

How do these communities relate to each other, and do they share any of the same ideas?

Why do some religions – or some people – become extreme or even violent?

What’s going on with terrorism – and the wars fought to stop it?

And how do we stop the killing?

Some of these questions might be your questions. So I have put together some resources here for you, and I hope you enjoy exploring this website.

I’m Gwen Griffith-Dickson and I was born and raised in Hawai’i, and now live in London. I’m an author, speaker and professor, and so you might be surprised to know I’ve actually prevented a terrorist attack. While I have created and turned around nonprofit organisations and been the academic head of a University of London college, I love being at the grass roots level to create lasting social change.

You might be deeply rooted in spirituality and tradition – and you might believe passionately in questioning and challenging everything. You might be fascinated by philosophy, or by the mystical world – or you might need to know in detail how to set up a counter terrorist de-radicalisation programme, or mastermind strategy at the highest level.

These are my areas of expertise too, so as you scroll through this homepage, you’ll see many areas of interest to explore. Do make use of the free resources and offers, and I invite you to join my email list. I won’t share your email address or spam you with lots of things to sell you – I dislike that too. I’m looking to build a community of like-minded people – and like-hearted people – and I hope you will join me.

Aloha, e komo mai!

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