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Over her years of public speaking, Gwen has developed a vivd and engaging style. She firmly believes that learning should be available to all, and that this is done best through stories. She is adept at tailoring her message to diverse audiences, whether academics, policymakers, community and youth groups, or the general public. In all situations, she present difficult and complicated material in a clear and relatable way, whilst keeping it accurate and nuanced – a skill she honed delivering public lectures as the first female Gresham Professor of Divinity.

Gwen is available for keynotes, academic or policymaker lectures, and informal talks. To get in touch, click here.

Upcoming Talks

7-8 September
British Society for the Philosophy of Religion conference on Philosophy and the Spiritual Life: Plenary address, ‘Blinding Darkness: or, whose being is this, anyway?’
Location: Oxford, UK

6 October
Human Givens College: ‘How to work with Religious Sensitivity’
Location: London, UK

17 October
Fordham University, Lincoln Center: ‘Bleedback’
Location: New York City, USA

16-18 November
Keynote Address at a conference hosted by the Philosophy and Religious Studies Programme, University of Macau: ‘Creating a Philosophy for the Future’
Location: Macau, China

12 December
Human Givens College: ‘How to work with Religious Sensitivity’
Location: Manchester, UK

Recent Talks

3-4 June
Cumberland Lodge: Future Leaders Programme.
Location: Windsor, UK

21 May
Shi’a Youth Programme:’Try Heartfulness’
Location: London, UK

9 May
LSE Religion and the Public Sphere: ‘Religion, Security and Strategy: an unholy trinity?’
Location: London, UK

Full List of Gwen’s Events

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