Gwen Griffith-Dickson

Many facets

My interests and expertise are unusually broad. If you’re interested in the eighteenth-century thinker Johann Georg Hamann, don’t be put off by my work in counter-terrorism! As a thinker, I work on the boundary between philosophy and theology, especially working across different faiths and cultures. As a practitioner and activist, I care about making our diverse communities harmonious, and taking action on extremism and terrorism.

Who are you?


Leading people and achieving change with and through others


Media, bloggers, those who communicate ideas and work on issues with the public


Those who serve the public as police, government, community workers, changemakers


Interested in philosophy, religion, spirituality, many faiths

The Lokahi Foundation

The Hawaiian word ‘lokahi’ means harmony from diversity, the fruitfulness that comes when conflict is transcended in the search for something higher. In 2005, Gwen founded the Lokahi Foundation: a social impact charity that helps society embrace religious diversity with respect and understanding. Lokahi is impartial and works alongside communities,[…]

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What I do


I give keynotes, academic or policymaker lectures, and informal talks.

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I support you in conflict situations, give workshops and training with a great team.

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I write academic books, nonfiction for the general public, and novels.

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What people say

  • “Gwen, whose program prevented a suicide bombing, has the most considered grip I know of the current situation with Al-Qaida/ISIS. She understands the complex nature of this threat and the need for a community-led response.”

    Andrew Pratt – former Police Chief Superintendent & lead for Prevent. 
  • “Gwen and her Lokahi team have provided policing with a sound basis in strategy and served as a vital intermediary in a highly sensitive area, consistently delivering high quality results. The methodology behind Gwen’s work has been adopted by all Police Forces in the UK, and is the basis for its success.”

    Sean Martell – Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police Service
  • “Gwen is a leading expert in countering violent extremism. Her work is highly acclaimed and its impact is rare: robust and forthright yet credible and popular within Muslim communities. In the UK and US she brings a visionary approach and refreshing style.”

    Dilwar Husain – Chair of New Horizons in British Islam


Terror. Blood Money. Compassion.