Gwen Griffith-Dickson

The War of Ideas

“Has it ever occurred to you that both sides could be overcome by far greater ideas?”
– Arman Rastani, Bleedback

This is my page for political analysis and articles. Here, you can find videos and writing on radicalisation, extremism, terrorism, and how to counter them. You can also find more general (non-securitised) discussion on the relationship between religion and politics.

For a real sense of the way the War of Ideas plays out in practice, check out Bleedback – a thriller and novel of ideas on the War on Terror.

My TEDx talk at Heythrop College outlines what you can do to stop terrorist recruiting (Dec, 2015):

A talk at London School of Economics in dialogue with Craig Calhoun on the relationship of Religion, Security and Strategy (May, 2016):

My thoughts on whether you can educate for peace (Nov, 2016):

A talk at Gresham College, London, on the different ideologies at work when governments engage with Muslims and the impact of government responses to countering extremism (April, 2008)

A talk at Gresham College, London, on the challenges of living with diverse beliefs (April, 2009)

Counter-Extremism and De-Radicalisation in the UK: A Contemporary Overview sets out the historical context of the United Kingdom’s response to extremism and radicalisation, and the implicit ‘strategic philosophy’ behind its approach since the London attacks of July 2005.

Should religious people get involved in politics – bringing their religion with them? This piece looks at the question from both a Muslim and a Christian perspective.

Or, for the purely philosophical, theological, and psychological, click here.

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